Digitisation and  technological advances over the past decade have impacted the global print and publishing industry in ways that many would have never imagined possible.  Rapid changing trends, single managed services, diminishing corporate procurement and facility productions skills, further aggravated by global economic contractions have created tough trading conditions for many commercial print companies.

The traditional noble art form of print has deteriorated at an alarming rate.

We have ink in our blood born from three decades of industry experience of owning,  building and managing a large commercial print company which was sold in 2016.  A three year restraint of trade afforded the opportunity to examine changing global trends,  technological advances,  digital, MIS and ERP solutions and establishing a global network of professional experts driven by the same vision.

With a number of successful consultations in the Africa continent,  combined with skills transfer and production transformations,  'timms & associates' was born.

'Making Print Great Again'

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